The USD Index Updated Monthly Maximums

The USD strengthened against the basket of other currencies due to the recovery of the US Treasury bonds 10-year yield. The USD index updated the monthly maximum and closed in the green (+0.18%). Also yesterday the US published the Manufacturer's Price Index which grew by 0.1% in November, just as the experts predicted. Today we expect essential reports from the US.

The GBP remains under pressure due to the Brexit conundrum. Yesterday's reports from the UK labor market are also somewhat ambiguous. For example, the average wage grew by 3.3% while the experts expected 3.0%. The September`s growth was also re-reviewed and closed at 3.1%. However, the number of requests for the unemployment benefits grew to 21.9K instead of 13.2K. The data from October was also re-reviewed from 20.2K to 23.2K.

Prices on oil moderately grew. The WTI futures are at 51.95 USD/barrel. At 17:30 (GMT+2) the report on the US crude oil reserves will be published.

Market Indicators

The US stock market had a variety of trends yesterday: #SPY (+0,02%), #DIA (-0,20%), #QQQ (+0,33%).

The US Treasury bond 10-year yield started to grow. Right now it is at 2.88-2.89%

The Economic News Feed for 12.12.2018:
  • - Inflation report (US) – 15:30 (GMT+2:00).

by JustForex, 2018.12.12

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