Margin requirements and the leverage rules

Justforex company allows its clients to use the size of the leverage in the range from 1:1 to 1:3000 while trading in the Forex market. Thanks to this opportunity our clients have an advantage – they can apply various trading strategies, herewith, it doesn't matter the size of their deposit.

Pay attention to the fact that the leverage size is influenced by the type of trading account which you choose, as well as the amount of funds on it.

Maximum leverage

Equity, USD Maximum forex leverage
Standard Cent Standard, Pro, Raw Spread
0 – 199.99 1:1000 1:3000
200 – 2,999.99 1:1000 1:2000
3,000 – 9,999.99 1:1000 1:1000
10,000 – 39,999.99 1:500 1:500
40,000 – 199,999.99 1:200 1:200
200,000 – 1:100 1:100

Dear traders, Justforex company aims to reduce the risks of its clients and protect them from potential losses in case of the unpredictable market situation at important economic events, weekends or holidays. Therefore, in accordance with the Client Agreement, the margin requirements can be changed as follows:

On weekends and holidays. For positions opened between 22:00 (GMT+3) Friday and Monday 02:00 (GMT+3), the leverage will be changed to 1:200 for the specified period and the margin requirements will be calculated taking into account these changes. The margin on these positions will be recalculated within two hours after the opening of the trading session, namely by 02:00 (GMT+3) on Monday, based on the amount of funds on the client's account and the leverage he has previously chosen. This rule also applies to holidays, which Justforex clients can always look for on the site in the "Our news" section.

The examples of how it is applied in practice you may find here.