Brand Protection Guide


Brand Name

The correct spelling of our brand name increases the level of trust and helps to maintain our reputation. Partners and clients usually perceive incorrect spelling as a sign of fraud.

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Just Markets



Just markets

just Markets

JustMarkets Copytrading

JustMarkets Copy Trading

Promotion Messages

We are realistic about our options and completely honest with our clients. Do not mislead users by promising easy instant earnings. Use our recommended wording to build strong and trusting relationships with clients.


Easy platform
Simple tools

Easy earning
Simple trading

Safe trading platform

Safe trading

Risk free Demo account

Risk free trading

JustMarkets is one of the best brokers

JustMarkets is the best broker worldwide

JustMarkets offers CFDs on shares, forex, commodities, indices and ETFs.

Trade shares, forex, commodities, indices and ETFs with JustMarkets.

You need to gradually delve into the nuances of the markets with the help of our educational section and use our daily analytics to successfully trade on JustMarkets.

You do not need any experience or understanding in order to be successful and trade profitably with JustMarkets!

Earn passive income by trading on JustMarkets!

Quit your job and earn with JustMarkets!

JustMarkets is a group of companies with proper regulations.

JustMarkets is a worldwide regulated broker.

Making a good profit depends on a large number of factors, first of all, the Client’s understanding of the market.

Over the last year investors made a 40% return on their investments.”

Creating URLs

Do not use the JustMarkets brand name when creating a domain. This causes mistrust and scares away potential customers.


We are aimed at fruitful, mutually beneficial cooperation on equal terms. We prefer to provide a clear and transparent picture of our area of responsibility. In order to share our commitments, please let clients know that your website and social media accounts are not owned or operated by JustMarkets.

For social media

‘This page is not owned or operated by JustMarkets’

‘This page is owned and operated by an official partner of JustMarkets’, or similar

For websites

Where fees, charges, and commissions are provided, they are correct and not hidden in small print or inserted into the disclaimer.

If you make reference to public resources, include links to relevant pages.


Carefully check all published content for compliance with the law and riskiness for the company's image.

You can not use:

  • obscene, rude and pornographic content;
  • links to resources containing inappropriate information;
  • any mention of gambling and casinos;
  • spam mailings on social networks and by email;
  • the content of the footer of our website
  • copyrighted logos;
  • country flags;
  • logos and/or names of financial regulators.

In addition, we would like to make it clear that we are partnering with entrepreneurs who are serious about doing business.

In this regard, we inform you:

  • Do not refer your relatives/friends/acquaintances by yourself to trade on our platform;
  • Attract more diverse clients, your income cannot depend on only one client;
  • If more than 30% of your income comes from one client, we may review our terms cooperation with you;
  • We reserve the right to revise the number/frequency of payouts if the commission payout exceeds the income from the spread;

More restrictions might apply, please read our Introducing Broker Agreement for more information.


Our team reserves the right to request any of your promotional materials (images, creatives, landing pages, emails) for approval at any time. We may ask you to make changes if the content does not comply with our policies.