Investors Expect Additional Drivers

Last week, the major currency pairs showed mixed results. Unidirectional trend was not observed. The dollar index (#DX) finished the trading week with a slight decrease. Participants of the financial markets are afraid that disagreements in the US draft laws between the Senate and the House of Representatives may slow the adoption of the tax reform. At the same time, demand for the US currency remains at a fairly high level. The news background on the current trading week will be very eventful. We expect the publication of important economic reports and speeches of the Central Bank chairmen.

At the moment, the bearish sentiment prevails on the GBP/USD currency pair. The pound is under pressure due to the political risks growth in the UK. There was information that some officials were in favor of the beforehand dismission of the British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The "black gold" prices continue to consolidate. At the moment, futures for the WTI crude oil are being traded in the range of $56.50-$57.50 per barrel.

Market Indicators

On Friday, the major US stock indices slightly moved away from historical highs: #SPY (-0.03%), #DIA (-0.12%), #QQQ (-0.01%).

The 10-year US government bonds yield demonstrates positive dynamics. At the moment, the indicator is at the level of 2.38-2.39%.

The Economic calendar for 2017.11.13:

Today, the news background is quite calm. The publication of important economic reports is not planned.

by JustForex, 2017.11.13

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