Trading Platform

  • In order to receive the opportunity to conduct trade with the financial instruments on the Forex market, you need to download trading platform. JustForex offers use MetaTrader 4 – software, developed by the Meta Quotes company.
    • Download trading platform here. To install the program, run the downloaded file.
    • Click "Next".
    • Read the information regarding the use of the program and click "Next". Mark "I agree with the terms of this license agreement" and click "Next".
    • Choose the folder, where you want to place the program and click "Next".
    • By clicking "Next" you have launched the process of copying files to the system.
    • Installation completed! You can start the trading platform by choosing "Launch MetaTrader 4 JustForex" and clicking "Finish".

    When you open trading platform for the first time you will be offered to open practice account. In order to log into the platform you need to close this window first. And if you want to open practice account you can find the detailed manual how to fulfill this here.

    Besides, you can trade through the browser-based version of MetaTrader 4 – JustForex WebTrader. Web-terminal does not require installation and can be launched from a simple Internet-browser. To access real or demo account and start trading you just need to follow the link You can learn more about the browser-based terminal WebTrader at this page.

  • No, trailing stop works only when trading platform is on and there is connection between trading platform and trading server.
  • JustForex offers clients to work on the most popular trading platform – MetaTrader 4. To learn more about this platform, please, click here.
  • During the installation of MetaTrader 4 trading platform, the limited list of financial instruments is displayed in "Market watch" by default. In case you want to add symbol or hide the displayed symbol, right-click on "Market watch" and choose "Symbols" in the appeared menu. Then expand the necessary group, choose the symbol and click "Show"/"Hide" button.

    Besides, trading platform also lets:
    • Hide all symbols. To fulfill this: Menu "Market watch" > Click "Hide all"
    • Display all the available symbols. To fulfill this: Menu "Market watch" > Click "Show all".
    • Save different lists of symbols and switch between them in the fast way. To fulfill this: Menu "Market watch" > Click "Sets".
  • Choose in trading platform MetaTrader 4 "Account history" from "Terminal". Click right button on any space of the tab and choose "All history" or "Custom period".
  • Expert advisor (robot) is the program software (script), which executes trading operations without trader's participation, based on the algorithm, specified in advance. Expert Advisors are very useful when there is no opportunity to be near the trading platform.

    It is possible to choose one of the modes of expert advisor operation in MetaTrader 4:
    • expert advisor sends signals, but does not conduct trading operations by itself;
    • expert advisor conducts trading operations by himself, but with the trader's manual confirmation;
    • expert advisor conducts trade by itself without trader's manual confirmation.
  • No, expert advisor works only when trading platform is on and there is connection between trading platform and trading server.
  • In order to change the language:
    • In the top menu click "View";
    • Choose "Languages";
    • Click on the language of your preference;
    • Restart the platform.
    Next time you open the platform, it will be in the language you have chosen.
  • In order to delete MT4 platform, please, perform the following actions:
    • Go to the folder with the MT4 program files;
    • Find the "Uninstall. exe" file and double click on it;
    • The JustForex MetaTrader 4 uninstall window will open;
    • You can mark "Delete user personal data" if you want to delete all your personal information from your computer. Or you can not mark "Delete user personal data" if you want your infrormation to stay in your computer. In this case you will have an opportunity to redownload JustForex MetaTrader 4 and your previous data will be saved;
    • Click "Next" and the platform will be deleted;
    • Click "Finish" to exit the uninstall window.
    The MT4 terminal has now been successfully removed from your computer.