Partner Programs

  • Certainly. You may become JustForex Affiliate (Introducing Broker) and receive revenue for trading of the clients attracted by you. The conditions of the beginning of the partner relationship under the program Introducing Broker can be found here.
  • Partner link is a link with the help of which the track of the customers, attracted by you under the Introducing Broker program, takes place. When registering your partner account, its number, which can be seen in the Back Office, is your unique partner code. For example, you have registered partner account and it was given a number 32071, exactly this number is your partner code.

    The referral code can be found in your Back Office. In order to change the page to which the referral code leads, please, choose the appropriate option in the field "Site page". You can also indicate the site page which you want to use for attracting clients by yourself. For this select the item "Another site page" in the drop-down list. Then insert the needed link into the appeared field. When choosing the site page your referral code will be changed automatically in the code of the banners.

  • So the user follows the link, registers in the company, opens a trading account and conducts trade. Revenue for every attracted client's order is credited on your partner account. The revenue for the trading activity of the attracted client will be paid to you from every trading account, opened by this client.

    If, after following your link, the client appears on the page of the company's website and does not register a Back Office immediately, this does not mean that this client will not be added to the list of your referrals. All transitions are saved in cookies, if they are enabled in the client's browser. When visiting the website next time, the client registers the Back Office, he/she is added to your list of attracted clients.

  • Your partner link consists of:
    • 1. the address of the website page, to which you want your clients to be redirected when clicking on it. For example, you want potential client to become interested in the trading conditions and make the immediate decision to register, then choose the page which contains the information about the trading conditions and copy the link

    • 2. the second part of the partner link is your unique partner code (your IB account number), for example, 32071. At the same time, to connect the site link and the partner code, you need to add "?ref=". You can copy ?ref=32071 from the page Promo Materials in your Back Office (field "Your partner link") and add it to the link of the chosen page.

      In case you want to refer potential client to the page with trading conditions, your partner link will look like:

  • After the creation of the partner link, it can be used by adding it on different resources. For example, participating in the discussions on the thematic forums, you can add the link with your unique partner code to the signature. By being a participant of the resources, which are connected with the currency market (forums, information resources or blogs), you can inform other members about the company services, in this way the attraction can be more successful as it will be directed to the target audience.

    Besides, banners which can be placed on your website, blog or forum can be found in the Promo Material section of the Back Office. Please note, that when choosing the page which you want to use for attracting clients your referral code in the code of the banner will be changed automatically. So the only thing you need to do is to copy the banner code and insert it into your resource code.

    In case your referral finds out about the company directly from you, make sure that you provide him/her your partner code (For example, 32071), so that it can be indicated it in the registration form on the company website.

  • Yes, both, legal entities and individuals can become IB.