General questions to JustForex

  • JustForex provides individuals and legal entities with the access to the trading process on the international currency market – Forex. Each client of JustForex gets an opportunity to earn on changes in currency rates and other financial instruments.

  • Forex trading is available 24 hours 5 days a week, from Monday 00:00:30 GMT+3 to Friday 23:57:59 GMT+3. Spot metal trading is available from Monday 01:00:00 GMT+3 to Friday 23:57:59 GMT+3. There is some time break from 23:59:00 GMT+3 to 00:00:30 GMT+3 each day.

  • Actually the idea that you need big sum of money to start trading on Forex is one of the greatest mistakes. It is possible to trade on the Forex market having only small amount of money in possession, as nowadays the minimum requirements become available for each market participant. To learn more about the JustForex trading conditions, please, visit Trading Terms. Besides, one of the instruments, which is used by every trader is leverage, which lets use sums that exceed the sum of your own funds.

  • Do not treat trading on Forex as if it is casino. There is nothing in common between casino and Forex. It is necessary to work hard, learn all the features and aspects of the Forex market. Forex Articles may help you to fulfill this. To become successful trader, patience and hard work are in much bigger need than good luck. Everything depends on you.

  • No, JustForex does not work with US clients.

  • Individuals as well as legal entities can become JustForex's clients.

  • JustForex does not lend funds to the clients to deposit trading account.

  • Company is not the tax agent and does not charge taxes from the profit received for trading. You get all the money earned fully and solve all the questions regarding tax liabilities according to the legislation of the country of residence by yourself.

  • Forex market doesn't work on weekends.