• In order to change the leverage of the account, please, perform the following actions:
    • Log into your Back Office;
    • In the left menu box "Account operations" choose "Leverage";
    • On the appeared page choose the account for which you want to change the leverage;
    • Indicate the desired leverage and click "Change".
    Attention! Before changing the leverage make sure that there are no open orders on the account or in case you have open orders, make sure that you have enough funds to support margin requirements. The change of the leverage causes the changes in the margin requirements for the open orders and in case of insufficient amount of equity may cause stop out.
  • Absolutely all the accounts in the company whether trading or practice are served by the same principle. You receive the same quotations of the financial instruments, monitor the situation on the market in the real-time mode. But they still differ by the fact that you don't deposit your money, you trade with "virtual" money, which can't be withdrawn, so psychological aspects of the operations are different. When trading on the practice account you can test your strategies without risking funds. You can open practise account at this page. To open trading account, you need to register Back Office and open trading account in it.
  • In order to open practice account you need to follow this link, fill in the form and click "Open" button.

    You will receive the details required to log into MT4 account to the email which you will indicate in the form.

    In order to open practice account from your mobile device you need to download mobile MetaTrader 4 first. You can download the platform for Android here and the one for iPhone on this page.

    Then you need to fulfill the following actions:
    • Log into the platform MT4.
    • Click "Menu" icon in the upper left corner of the terminal.
    • Choose "MetaTrader 4 Demo Account" and click "+" on the appeared page.
    • Click "Open personal demo account" and on the appeared page in the line "Find a broker" enter JustForex.
    • Choose JustForex-Demo server.
    • Fill in the appeared form and click "Open account".
    After that you will be shown the details of your account you need to remember them and click "Finish".
  • The passwords of all the practice accounts can't be recovered by JustForex. But there are two options.

    Option #1:

    (in case "Save password" field was marked in the trading terminal and you can log into the trading terminal)

    • Log into your JustForex MetaTrader 4 platform;
    • Choose "Mailbox";
    • Find the letter "Registration";
    • Your password can be seen there in case you have not deleted the letter.

    In case there is no such message in the Mailbox and "Save password" field was not marked, then Option #2 – open a new practice account from your MT4 platform. You can open practise account at this page.

    Enjoy the trading process!
  • JustForex doesn't set time limits on practice account using. You can train and test your strategies as long as you need. However, in case you have not logged into your demo account for more than 90 days, it will be deleted automatically without prior notice.
  • It is impossible to change the type of trading account. But you can always open a new trading account in the Back Office and transfer your funds to it. The internal transfer is fulfilled in the Back Office.
  • Trading account is opened in the Back Office. To get an access to the Back Office, you need to register. After logging in the Back Office, in the block "Your accounts" which is situated in the left part, click "Open new account".
  • No. Verification procedure is carried out only once, after Back Office is registered.
  • You can open one partner account (IB type) and unlimited amount of trading accounts.
  • No, trading account won't be closed. But if you want to continue trading process, you must deposit funds on your account.