2-tier Affiliate and Introducing Broker Program. You attract - we pay!

  • does not require deep knowledge of Forex market;
  • involves you in attracting clients to join Forex trading;
  • provides you high monthly profit for the trades made by the attracted clients.
Become JustForex Partner

Sub Affiliates - 2nd Tier Referrals

Earn even more by bringing Partners to JustForex. We will pay you 10% from what your sub-affiliate makes on top of the high revenue share you receive from your own attraction. Let's make calculation. You attracted 6 partners who have earned $15000 in total. So you will receive $1500 in addition to your own revenue share from the clients. JustForex sub-affiliate program is the best way for you to expand your opportunities and create additional revenue stream!

JustForex Affiliate Program Rocks!

Why become an Affiliate with JustForex?

  • It is comfortable
    Say no to the stuffy office! Say yes to freedom.
  • It is profitable
    Earn up to $ 500 a day!
  • It is easy
    Not a Forex expert? Not a problem.
  • "Most of my attracted clients are newbies since my website is a little bit far from the Forex theme. But anyway, the opportunity to earn money online is too attractive for everyone. This is why I have chosen to promote JustForex. They have the functional for the copying of trading signals – MQL5, so my clients can subscribe to profitable traders right in the persona area and earn, not even participating in the process of trading. They earn, I earn – everyone is happy :)"
    Ann Preston
  • "What has attracted me to JustForex was the opportunity to withdraw to the Prepaid Card. In that time I was in the search of the new broker to cooperate and found JustForex. I had several companies to choose from, but then I have read about JustForex Prepaid Card and how I can use it to withdraw my earnings. As a result it appeared to be very easy to get and comfy to use. Now I have it with me just like any other card and can pay on the go."
    Arash Yavari
    System administrator
  • "I have been working as JustForex partner for 5 months already. What I like about them is the attitude towards the partners. Every time I have a question — I always get support from the managers. It is pretty nice that in the world where people are in the race for money, the company like JustForex has left the place for humanity. The manager has contacted me and helped to make the banner just for my website."
    Vadim Boiko
  • "I am not that good in writing nice and attractive reviews or comments about companies, but just want to say that thanks to JustForex I have quit my office work, which was driving me crazy because of the limit in my free time. The numbers will speak for themselves: my attracted clients make in average 200 lots per month. 60 lots are made on Classic account and 140 on NDD and ECN account. So my earnings are: 60*14+140*1.4 = USD 1036. And this is not the best month numbers. It is a great result for me, when the salary of USD 300 is considered to be good in the city where I live. Join this program and you will have much more free time!"
    Iwan Setiyawan
  • " JustForex is a great broker to work with. I own the rebate website and I do know by myself all the tricks and methods of different brokers. What is a great thing they offer is an automatic rebate. Quick way to settle all the payments with my partners, plus the Back Office with the stats is always available for me. For the first month of work with JustForex, I have managed to attract about 15 clients, as far as I remember. With the rebate level in the size of 70% from what I get. Nest months were even better. In total, for the first 6 months I have earned about 15k USD. JustForex is a great partner for me."
    Chung Li
  • "To be honest with you, I am a lazy to study guy. When I saw how much some Forex traders may earn, I thought to myself “God, I want to grab a piece out of this sweet Forex pie”! Deeper research have led me to the JustForex affiliate program. I did not have to spend hours in front of the terminal or read tons of information about the technical analysis. 10 USD per lot was a great start. My clients have increased the volume up to 400 lots a month, so my monthly withdraw request from JustForex in the size of USD 3000 is a normal situation for me now."
    Sobowale Okinawa
  • "Forex is extra competitive and I have understood that in order to succeed, you need to choose the company that offers better conditions. JustForex works for me great. They offer everything the traders need: tight floating spreads from 0 points, low commission on ECN account and leverage up to 1:2000. Plus their liquidity provider is Sucden Financial and these guys choose only trusted brokers to cooperate with."
    Sukinah Alip

How can I withdraw my profit?

You can withdraw your profit in a fast, comfortable, safe and, what is also important, - private way – use JustForex Prepaid Card. JustForex Prepaid Card is a card, which has the same features as the bank card, but includes many advantages. It may be easily used for POS operations (settlements), to withdraw cash from the ATM, to deposit your trading account or withdraw funds from it, withdraw funds from the card to Webmoney and vice versa. Everywhere and any time. Order it now!

The results of our partners for the previous month


How to become a star partner?

  • Register Back Office.
  • Open Partner account.
  • Place a banner and start attracting clients! See the profit going up!
* Under the conditions that the attracted client trade on the Classic account.

Partner program additional rules and conditions
1) For Classic accounts only. The calculation of revenue share includes all the closed transactions made by the attracted clients that meet the criteria of Minimum Trade Point - the minimum profit or loss on the transaction in points is 4 points.

2) Maximum amount of revenue share from one attracted client is USD 10 000.