Manual for Verification Visa/MasterCard

Verified customers deposit trading accounts via all available methods, including debit/credit cards Visa/MasterCard.
To transfer funds from the card to the account, and vice versa, verify it using this manual.
  • Log into your Back Office.
  • In the menu-box "Profile" open "Verification".
  • You are redirected to the verification main page. Here you verify identity, address of residence and bank cards. To use cards as a payment method, fulfil the verification procedure consisting of three steps.

    In the section "Credit Cards Verification" click "Verify now" to verify the card.

  • You`ll see the window "New card authorization". At this stage you authorize your bank card in the payment processor – the organization that proceeds the information on payments via bank cards. We cooperate with the processing system SorexPay (LIMASSOL). During the authorization in the processing bank reserves small amount of funds on your card – up to $3.

    Why is it done? The reserved amount is called the authorization payment, and the operation itself – preauthorization. To confirm you are the card owner, enter the correct amount of authorization payment. In fact, it is one-time password, i.e. additional security measure established by the processing.

    When you enter the correct amount in the appropriate field, it will be automatically unblocked. If you do not complete card adding procedure, the amount of authorization payment will be unblocked in a week.

    So, in the window "New card authorization":

    1. read the hint;
    2. in the field "Lock Currency" choose the currency of your card in the drop-down list. If this currency is not listed – choose USD;
    3. in the field "Card 4 last digits" enter the corresponding digits;
    4. click the "Add" button.
  • In the window "SorexPay" fill in all the fields. Check the correctness of the information and click "Proceed".
    Note – data in the field "Card Owner" is automatically taken from your Back Office. If name on the card differs from name in the Back Office, please contact support.
  • If all information is entered correctly and the processing authorizes your card, you`ll see the following message:
    If the processing declines your card, you`ll see the following message:
    The possible reasons for the authorization failing are:
    • data is entered incorrectly;
    • name in the Back Office does not correspond to the name on the card;
    • there is not sufficient money on the card for reserving the authorization payment;
    • there is online-payment limit on the card;
    • issuing bank declined the transaction.

    In this case, find out the cause in the issuing bank or contact our support team.

  • If all is right, you`ll see the window "Blocked Amount (authorization payment)". Read the hint – here is written where to find the amount of authorization payment and how to enter it correctly.

    Here is an example on how the authorization payment may look in your transaction history:

    1. in the field "Blocked Amount (USD)" enter the amount of authorization payment without dot;
      For example, enter 229, if $2.29 is blocked on the card. If the authorization payment is displayed in the card currency, and you need to enter it in USD, convert it into dollars. To do this, find out the current sale rate on the website of your bank or by the phone and divide blocked amount by the current exchange rate. You should get a value in the format from 101 to 299 cents.
    2. click "Submit".

    If blocked amount is entered correctly, the card will be added to the processing and funds will be unblocked. If you can`t enter the amount correctly, please contact our support team.

  • Your card is in the processing already and now you need to send card copies that will be checked by our Security Department. In the window "Uploading card scan copies":
    1. read the text to know what documents to upload;
    2. click the "Browse" button to find the appropriate file on your computer;
    3. click "Upload one more scan copy" to upload copy of the card opposite side;
    4. click the "Browse" button to find the appropriate file on your computer;
    5. click the "Upload" button.
  • After this, uploaded documents will be displayed in the table at the bottom of the window with the comment "Pending".
  • That's all! Security Department will check card copies for 1-2 hours within operating hours (09.30 – 18.00 GMT+3 Monday – Friday). You can check verification status on the verification main page.

When the verification of your card is complete, it appears in the list of available depositing methods in the window "Deposit" in your Back Office. You can verify and use several cards. To do this, repeat the verification procedure with new card.

If you have further questions, or something does not work – please contact customer support: write in chat or to email [email protected]