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Ho Ho Ho!

Get ready for the profit! Get ready for the presents.

Just trade and very soon the mailman will knock on your door and will make you happy with the present!

  • Deposit 201.4 USD or more.
  • Make a profit of 201.4 USD.
  • Inform us on the official Facebook page.
  • In the end the winner gets to choose either Samsung Galaxy Note or Apple iPad.
  • Deposit 201,4 USD or more from 16.12.13 till 31.01.14.
  • Make a profit of at least 201,4 USD (before 31.01.14 23:59:59 server time) and leave us a comment under the Promotion post on our official Facebook page (make sure to like the page first) where you should indicate your account number and your wish to all the Forex traders and the company for the 2014 year. In case you do not have an opportunity to inform us via Facebook, just write us via live chat or create a ticket.
  • The profit in the size of at least 201,4 USD must be fixed at the moment of informing the company.
  • For every fixed profit in the amount of 201,4 USD made over your deposit during the dates of the promotion, your trading account number will be added to the list of participants which increases the chances of becoming the winner.

    For example:
    • Trading account 1 time: 201,4 USD profit.
    • 2 times: 402,8 USD profit.
    • 3 times: 604,2 USD profit.
    • 4 times: 805,6 USD profit.
    • 5 times: 1007 USD profit.
    • 6 times: 1208,4 USD profit.
    • 7 times: 1409,8 USD profit.
    • 8 times: 1611,2 USD profit.
    • 9 times: 1812,6 USD profit.
    • 10 times: 2014 USD profit.
    And so on.
  • The numbers of all the trading accounts that participate in the promotion will be indicated here.
  • The winner will be chosen with the help of random.org on 03.02.2014 at 12:00 server time. You will have an opportunity to see the video of the lottery.
  • The winner will have a chance to choose either Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Apple iPad as a present (only one device).
  • The present will be sent over the mail to the winner (to the address indicated during the registration).
  • The company does nor bear any responsibility in case of any faults with the device after presenting it to the winner. During the transportation, the responsibility for the safety of the prize is carried out by the transporter company. All other claims may be directed to the manufacturer's authorized service center.
  • The winner agrees to provide the company with the photo of the winner holding the present and provide a short interview.
  • The company reserves the right to change, update or cancel this promotion.
  • In case the winner is not able to receive the present due to promotion rules violation or any other reasons, the new winner will be determined with the help of random.org.
  • The device is not provided in the money equivalent.
  • Neither JustForex employees nor their relatives may participate in the promotion.
The bigger deposit – the higher the chances to win!