AU200 Index – Trade ASX200

With JustForex you can trade not only currency pairs but also stock indices. For example, AU200. But before you open your first order, you should find out what kind of index it is and how the price for it is formed.

  • Spread from: 40;
  • Tick size: 0.10;
  • Swap (pips) Long: -6.00%;
  • Swap (pips) Short: -3.00%.

What is AU200?

The Australia 200 index, also known as S&P, AU200 or ASX200, is Australia's main stock index. The index was created in 2000 and tracks 200 of the highest capitalization enterprises traded on the Australian Securities Exchange. In fact, the index shows the weighted average of these companies’ share value.

Note: The idea that the arithmetic average of stock prices of companies with the largest capitalization is a good market indicator was first expressed by Charles Dow. He founded the first such index – US30, also known as Dow-Jones index.

The ASX20 index mainly includes Australian companies such as Evolution Mining Limited or JB Hi-Fi Limited, as well as subsidiaries of global brands – Domino PIZZA Enterprises, Coca Cola Amatil, etc. Daily changes in the value of the index are calculated in percents, and each quarter there is a global recount with the removal of enterprises that have fallen in price and introduction of the new ones to the index.

There are also smaller indexes based on the ASX200 – AU10, AU50, and AU100. They are not particularly useful.

What affects the AU200/ASX200 Index?

AU200 is highly dependent on events in Australia and Oceania, as well as the events of global significance. Therefore, if you trade AU200, you should closely monitor the regional indicators and economic reports of Australia.

An especially strong influence on AU200 have:
  • Reserve Bank of Australia key interest rate;
  • Retail sales in Australia;
  • Australia's GDP.

Unlike the US30 and other similar indices, ASX200 is weighted by capitalization – companies cannot manipulate it by changing the value of their shares. This makes AU200 the most reliable tool for assessing the state of the Australian stock market.

Trading hours

AU200 is available for trading with JustForex 5 days a week – Monday through Friday. On weekends, the stock market is closed and you cannot open new orders on it. In addition, the index is not available during global holidays, when the stock market does not work.

JustForex regularly publishes news on changes in trading hours. Read them on our main page!

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