Promotions Offered by the Forex Companies

There are many different types of trade promotions which are exclusively provided by the Forex brokers and online companies. Besides the Forex bonuses and contests, there are also promotions without any specific name which are commonly offered by the Forex brokers. To get familiar with them let's look through these trade promotions examples.

Refer a Friend Promotion

Refer a friend

The first and the most popular type out of the Forex offers is "Refer a Friend" promotion. In this type of promotions, the traders are encouraged to attract their friends as new clients for the Forex broker. If the traders genuinely refer the friend to the broker website, then they simply get eligible for some particular amount of reward money which will be provided to them whenever they trade with Forex using the same broker company.

In the majority of companies friend referring is also introduced as a partner program. But this promotion usually differs from similar partner programs such as Introducing Broker. For example, the IB usually gets the revenue share from the trades of his attracted client, and the trader participating in refer a friend promotion is paid a certain amount of money for every attracted client.

The promotional trading offers surely provide great benefits to the traders as well as the service provider.

Forex Freebies

Forex freebies

Another widespread promotions are so-called Forex freebies. This promotion type gives an opportunity to win different prizes or privileges for trading with the broker. The trader usually has to make a certain trading volume in order to get his prize. Taking part in the freebies, the trader can get absolutely different privileges: winning some technical devices, getting a free educational course, getting some amount of discount on any particular day trading, getting some money prize, special discounted programs on special occasions like Easter etc., commission free deposits and many more.

Forex Rebate Program

Forex rebates

There is also a rebate program which is presented as a trading promotion by some Forex brokers. This program implies that the trader will get back the part of the spread for trading (usually it means trading a certain volume). It is worth saying that rebates are also called cashback in some companies. The rebate program is very attractive for traders because it doesn't require any additional action except trading. To get rebates trader solely needs to continue doing his favourite job.

The Forex promotions are of immense types, every online broker is actually busy in offering new and interesting promotions to their clients because in this way the trading websites also get several advantages like higher rankings and more exposure. These promotions are just a medium to facilitate the Forex traders and offer a wide scope of advantages to them. The promotional trading offers surely provide great benefits to the traders as well as the service provider. But one thing must be kept in mind that there are some types of trade promotions in which traders are not required to fulfil any criteria like the free opening of Forex accounts because they are just free of cost.

The trader has an opportunity to get more and more from broker by joining one of the trading promotions.

by Justforex, 2017.05.05

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