Forex Strategy "Technique Chariot" Based on the Moving Average

The Chariot strategy uses only one indicator – Moving Average (MA) on closing, the period of which is equal to 40.

It suits any currency pair, as well as all the timeframes, ranging from an hour and up to a week. Ideally, the timeframe should be as big as possible.

The moderate increase in price happens very often during trading, although it also happens that the price carries significant movement in the opposite direction. This trading strategy has been designed to apply this kind of swings on a timely falling or rising market. The presented trading strategy is straightforward, but it is considered to be useful if the price moves sideways or general upward/downward trend of the market.

Location of the MA indicator in the terminal
Location of the MA indicator
in the terminal
Settings of the MA indicator
Settings of the MA indicator

It is preferable to use such a strategy on the weekly chart, but it can also be applied to intraday and daily price charts.

Trading Rules Based on the Moving Average

The trading rules are quite simple. If the price is above the Moving Average, you should open a long position (buy). In this case, the short positions are not opening.

If the price moves in the flat and ranges close to the moving average, it’s not recommended to open new positions.

In a situation, when the first candle completely exceeds the moving average (MA), the closure of which is performed from the top of the price range, you should do the following:
  • open a position on the first candle, at least 80% more than the length of the moving average, if it is closed in the upper third of the price range;
  • open a long position in the breakdown of the top of the candle, which is relevant for these characteristics. This candle is considered an entrance candle.

While the balancing of the prices above and below the Moving Average, the opportunity to enter the market is given after the price "dives" out of the moving average (MA). If the candle, which precedes to the first entrance candle is located on the Moving Average and closing occurs in the upper half of the price range, then this is a signal that you are ready to open long position, but you should enter the market when the breakdown of the top by this candle takes place.

The position to buy should be opened if the price is placed above the moving average (40) and short positions – if below. Initially, the strategy involves only long positions.

Settings of the MA indicator on the chart
Settings of the MA indicator on the chart

Stop loss is best to be positioned at the level of the candle Low, which precedes the entry candle. Take Profit is not necessary to be placed as well as to use Trailing Stop. The bigger the time scale, the greater will be the value of trading. Similar option – is partially closing position, with the orientation for Fibonacci extension and levels, which are placed near.

Before opening the position, it is necessary to analyze the pricing schedule and make sure that there are price reversals within the SMA (40). Best of all, if the amplitude of such reversals is maximal because it is the sign of incipient consolidation. Find not a very strong trend, not higher than 45 degrees. In the case of a larger trend, steep price will be similar to the SMA (40). When it moves away from this figure, it’s better not to open the positions. The essence of strategy is to follow the trend after the kickbacks. To avoid a break, you can use an additional oscillator ADX.

Everyone chooses the most suitable strategy for him. However, in any case, you should test all the popular and common strategies, because you can find the one that will bring you a steady income.

by Justforex, 2017.07.28

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