Copytrading Terms & Conditions

Justforex Copytrading (hereinafter – "Service") is a service that allows traders (hereinafter – "Investors") to copy trades from other traders (hereinafter – "Traders"). To activate the service, a trader should select "Start Copying".

1. The Investor undertakes to do the following to apply for the Service:
  • 1.1. be registered and logged in as a client on the Justforex website.

  • 1.2. add money to the Investor Wallet.

  • 1.3. initiate copying.

2. The Investor is entitled to do the following:
  • 2.1. edit the parameters of copying via the Edit function both before investing with a Trader and in the course of copying trades.
  • 2.2. copy any number of Traders (all active subscriptions can be found under the Investor Area tab).

  • 2.3. unsubscribe from the Trader and stop copying the Trader's trades by clicking "Stop Copying". To unsubscribe, the Investor needs to close all trades. After unsubscription, all funds invested with the Trader and the profit are return to the Investor's Wallet.

  • 2.4. set one of two options to calculate the volume of the Investor's investment for participating in every investing operation for every particular Trader (Equal copying 1-to-1 or In Proportional to the Investor's funds). These two options are expressly explained in Clause 4, Sub-clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions.

3. The Service is available on the MetaTrader 4 platform.
4. Opening copied trades routine:
  • 4.1. The Investor copies the trades that the Trader opened only after subscription for the Trader within the Service.

  • 4.2. Stop loss/take profit orders are not visible in the Investor Area, but if these orders are triggered on the Trader Account, the copied trades are also closed.

  • 4.3. The Investment Protection option is available from the moment of subscription to the Trader Account and helps mitigate the Investor's risks when using the Service. The Investor can set the Investment protection value at any percentage from 0% to 50% of the invested funds with the Trader. The Investment Protection suspends copying new orders of the Trader and closes all the existing orders if the Investor's equity in percent of the initially invested funds equals the set value or less. The Investment Protection triggers on the set value but does not protect from instantly incurred losses, so it can save fewer investments, especially during a period of high market volatility, and is calculated as follows: Investor Equity < (100% – Deposit Percentage) × Investor Balance.

  • 4.4 Upon the subscription to a Trader, the Investor specifies the amount of funds to be deducted from the Investor Wallet and invested with the selected Trader. These funds and your profit will return to the Investor Wallet when an Investor stops copying the Trader.

  • 4.5. The volume of the copied trade is selected from two options:
    • 4.5.1. equal copying 1-to-1 means that the volume of the trade the Trader opens equals the volume of the copier trade, opened for the Investor.
    • 4.5.2. in proportion to the Investor's funds: the trade volume depends on the ratio of the leverage and equity for both Trader and Investor Accounts, and is calculated as follows: Investor Volume = (Investor Equity / Trader Equity) × (Leverage Investor / Leverage Trader) × Trader Volume. Example: The Trader Account equity is $500, and leverage is 1:200. The Investor Account equity is $200, and leverage is 1:100. 1 lot trade is opened on the Trader Account. The volume of the copied trade, therefore, is 200/500 × 100/200 × 1 = 0.2 lots.
  • 4.6. Once the service is activated, the trades will be copied to the Investor Account, whether the owner of the account is signed in or not.

  • 4.7. The Investor's order is executed following the Trader's order (Buy or Sell) made in his or her account. The signal for opening an order in the Investor Account triggers when the Trader places an order, and such Investor order is executed at the market price. The same mechanism triggers the order closing. Therefore, the execution prices of these orders may differ. Additionally, the number of Investors following this Trader can affect the execution time.

5. Limits:
  • 5.1. The minimum volume of the copied trade is 0.01 lot, the maximum volume of a copied trade is 100 lots.

  • 5.2. The minimum copied order volume is 0.01 lots. However, copied orders with a volume below 0.005 lots will be rejected, while copied trades from 0.005 lots and above will be rounded to 0.01 lots.

  • 5.3 The volume of any order is rounded to the nearest hundredth decimal point (the second digit after the decimal). For instance, if the Investor copies an order for 0.324 lots, the order will be rounded down to 0.32 lots. Vice versa, if the Investor copies an order for 0.325 lots, the order will be rounded up to 0.33 lots.

  • 5.4. If the copied trade volume exceeds 100 lots after the calculations, then the trade will not be opened on the Investor Account.

6. If the Trader changes equity (by making a deposit or withdrawal), all the copied trades maintain their initial volume on the Investor Account.
7. The Trader Account should be Pro or Standard MT4 type.
8. The Service is entitled without prior notification and at its sole discretion to do the following:
  • 8.1. restrict the number of Trader Accounts the Trader may create.

  • 8.2. unsubscribe the Investor from Trader.

  • 8.3. reduce the commission set by the Trader and limit its maximum value for all her or his Trader Accounts.

  • 8.4. amend these Terms and Conditions. Such amendments take effect from the moment they are published on the Service site in these Terms and Conditions.

  • 8.5. If the Service reasonably suspects that the Investor violates the Deposit and Withdrawal rules set out by the Customer Agreement or the national legislation of the Investor's residence, the Service is entitled to suspend the services to such Investor.

9. The Trader determines the commission for copying orders. The commission can range from 0% to 50% of the Investor's gain. Commission charges accumulated within one week are paid out to the Trader's Wallet on Sundays.
10. The commission the Investor pays to the Trader is set at the moment when the Investor presses "Start Copying". If the Trader changes the commission amount, it does not affect the amount due under this subscription to the Trader.
11. Trading volumes of both Investors and Traders shall be counted in for the purpose of the Partner Program. However, for the trading volumes of Investors the size of the Partner’s remuneration is 1 USD per lot for forex and metals and maximum 1.5 USD per lot for other trading instruments. For trading volumes of Traders the maximum size of the Partner’s remuneration shall be according to the Introducing Broker Agreement. The Trader can also be an IB for the Investor. In this case, they will receive both the IB remuneration and the commission for copying. IB remuneration for a Trader is calculated according to the Introducing Broker Agreement.
12. The Investor's trading statistics can be viewed only by the Investor Area.
13. The Trader's trading statistics are publicly available.
14. The Investors do not have access to the trading terminal. All actions with their subscriptions and trades are available in the Investor Area.
15. The Investor acknowledges and agrees that the Trader can make both profitable and losing trades, and the Service does not affect it.