Welcome Bonus – a Test Drive of Forex Trading

Want to trade on Forex, but do not dare to make the first investment? New bonus from JustForex will help you get started.

Briefly on the Test Drive Welcome Bonus

JustForex offers a new Test Drive Welcome Bonus. New clients and those who have not previously used Welcome Bonus from JustForex can get the new bonus. The amount of the new bonus is 5 USD.

In order to get the bonus you just need to:

  1. get registered at JustForex
  2. open Welcome account


Once you open the Welcome account, it will be credited with the bonus money. You can not withdraw these five dollars. They are your initial capital to start the trading. The profit earned in the future with this 5 USD, can be withdrawn if the following conditions are met:

  1. The earned money will be available for withdrawal within 30 days after the opening of the Welcome account. To withdraw it, leave a comment on your experience with the JustForex company in forums mentioned in the list.
  2. Make trading operations of 1.25 lot in total and write a review on Welcome bonus from JustForex, pointing the number of your account in one of the traders’ forum. The list of forums can be found here.

What does Welcome bonus give?

Welcome bonus will be advantageous both for beginners and for experienced traders.

one You can start trading with no investments. Most beginners do not dare to trade and invest real money. And it is not necessary with Welcome bonus.

two You will practice in trading, analyze mistakes and understand in which direction you should go. You may even be able to test your own or someone else’s trading strategy.

three If you have long been trading on Forex and want to find a decent broker, Welcome bonus will help you. You have not to invest your money in order to see the trading conditions of the broker in real trading. Just open a Welcome account and start trading. That’s enough to get acquainted with the broker.

A few tips for those who want to make a profit with Welcome bonus

To get a bonus is an easy thing. But then your main task will be to make a profit with this Welcome bonus. You will be able to withdraw the earned income only if you meet all the conditions of the bonus. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to read attentively the bonus conditions. The link you will find above. If you have any questions on the terms or you can not understand something, please contact support team or write at this email.

support team

TIP: Let’s suppose that you do not want to wait 30 calendar days to withdraw the earned profit. You want to trade 1.25 lots as soon as possible. Then determine for yourself in how many days you want to trade these lots and break the total number of lots on the number of days. For example, you decide to withdraw the profit in two weeks. You need to make operations with total volume of 1.25 lots in 14 days. That is you have to open transactions totaling 0.09 lot daily. According to the bonus terms, you can only open an order with a volume of 0.01 lot. It’s about 9 transactions per day.

You decide by yourself in what way to make a profit. Many traders take the high leverage or trade using scalping strategy. We just want to warn you that this is a high-risk approach. Therefore think carefully about your actions before opening the transaction.

We wish you to get as much as possible profit with JustForex!