Passive Income with Forex Affiliate Programs

Internet industry doesn’t lose momentum. Virtual scopes of activities are extending, online trading is routinely used. But there are still a lot of barriers to entry: knowledge of the language – foreign or programming one, literary talent, the 80th level of enlightenment in Internet marketing, etc.
Even Forex requires knowledge, trading skills, and initial deposit. But Forex is not just trading. Forex affiliate programs will learn how to earn without trading and investments.

What is affiliate marketing?

Internet companies, promoting products or utilities, spend all means to develop and improve their services. They do not have time to attract customers. Today one of the main sources of the customer base is the affiliate marketing.

Forex Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a type of cooperation between those who provide certain utilities and a partner who attracts customers. The partner advertises utilities, goods or services of the company. He earns reward for each attracted client or sold goods.

Affiliate marketing is a steady income. The more customers are attracted by the partner, the more profit he gets. Success of cooperation also depends on the quality of the product, which the partner advertises.

Affiliate marketing is carried out through various affiliate programs. The advertiser (owner of an online business) offers the partner some conditions which satisfy both sides. These conditions include:

  • description of the partner’s responsibilities;
  • limits of volume;
  • form of reward;
  • ways of customers’ attraction.

Companies usually offer several kinds of partnership. The potential partner chooses the suitable program depending on his abilities and available promotion tools. If he does not have super-blown resource with the necessary subject, he will have to work hard at first in order to gather an audience and persuade it to choose the promoted product. Over time, the customers’ attraction becomes automatic and the income is truly passive.

Online stores offer constantly profitable affiliate programs. And you don’t need to put advertisement anywhere and everywhere, advise goods from the online store website your family and friends. Recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing are strong incentives to acquisitions. For example, suggest them to make purchases on Then you earn up to 10% from each purchase.

How to attract clients

Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are beneficial for advertisers, partners and customers.

Owners of online businesses (advertisers):

  • save their time;
  • get new customers;
  • increase the sales turnover;
  • spend less forces and means to attract audiences.


  • get profit;
  • do not invest anything as usual;
  • can have no deep knowledge of the product;
  • can work somewhere else at the same time.


  • do not spend much time for the search of what they need;
  • get additional informational support from the partner;
  • always keep up with discounts and bonuses;
  • may become partners in the future.

The only disadvantage is that there are sometimes unscrupulous advertisers who do not pay money, or unscrupulous partners, which do not do their job.

Forex affiliate programs features

You do not have to invest and trade in order to make money on Forex. The affiliate marketing works fine on the market.

Under the terms of Forex affiliate programs broker pays his partners a reward for each attracted trader. An important feature: forex affiliates get payments from the trading volume of their referrals. Therefore there is no sense for them to attract to the broker’s website a untargeted traffic, i.e. people who are not interested in trading at all.

Types of affiliate programs on Forex

Brokers offer their partners different ways of earnings. Such partner programs are popular:

  1. Web partnership or Introducing Broker. Most partners are working for this program. Broker gives the partner a referral link. The partner has to expand it among interested audiences. He places it on his website, forums, in personal blog, social networks, etc. Anyone who clicks on this link and registers as a trader, becomes a referral of this partner. The partner gets profit for every transaction of the attracted referral.
  2. Regional Representative or Franchising (franchise means “license”, “privilege”). The partner opens a filial branch in his region under the broker’s brand, with whom he collaborates. The broker provides informational support (ie, provides the partner with advertising materials, necessary information about the company, advices). The partner attracts customers in his region, advises them, spreads adds, holds seminars / webinars. So he needs to have knowledge and to make investments in the project. The amounts of investments and rewards are stipulated by the broker and the partners individually.
  3. White Label. It is ideal for the company that wants to become a Forex broker under its own brand, but does not have the necessary knowledge and money. In this case, the company turns to the authoritative broker and takes on lease all the “stuffing” – the software, trading conditions, quotations stream. Proved business is being packaged in a fresh wrapper and a “new” company appears on the market. The broker receives from the partner one-time payment and then monthly payments.

How to become a partner and attract customers?

To become a partner you need to:

  1. Register on the broker’s website, indicating your real personal data.
  2. Get a referral link and place it on the resources for attracting.
  3. Open an account in one of the electronic payment systems, with which the broker cooperates, in order to withdraw rewards. For example, Qiwi, Webmoney, Visa / MasterCard.

The simplest form of cooperation on the Forex market is Web-partnership, as the partner does not need to posses special knowledge of Forex for his job. His main task is to attract more customers.

Forex affiliate programs Web-partnership

But it happens so that nothing is working out, he does not know where and how to place a referral link, referrals do not come and the partner gives up. So he gets nothing, and even sets the broker up. If you don’t want such things to happen, you need to know where to place the link. For example:

  • in the social networks;
  • in blog;
  • on Youtube channel;
  • in the thematic forum;
  • on the own website (the site must be associated with the subject of Forex! It is unlikely that on the fishing site an inveterate fisherman who is looking for better tackles, will become interested in some there foreign exchange market).
TIP: Do not put your referral link anywhere. Come up with a beautiful description of the company which you are representing. It should not be long, but intrigue. Show your imagination.

We will consider all the methods in more details in the next articles.
Good earnings and may the referrals be with you!