Futures Trading for Beginners

Do you want to earn a stable income, but at the same time, be brave enough to take risks? Futures trading helps producers of goods insure their products for years to come and portfolio managers reduce the risks specific to their profession. It is does not matter if it concerns wheat market at the beginning of the twentieth century or today’s futures for Apple Inc. fear of uncontrolled inflation and possible crisis can make the stock market panic and provoke the unpredictable consequences.
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How to Install MT4 on Computer Within 5 Minutes

How to install MT4 on your computer, please read on our instructions. By default you will be offered to open a demo account. How to trade in MetaTrader 4 with different accounts at the same time? In order to trade from multiple accounts from a single broker or from different ones, you need to install МТ4 two terminals in different folders on your PC.
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Seven Forex Myths for Beginners: the Truth About FX

Daily Forex turnover in 2014 was $5.3 trillion. One trillion is equal to a 1000 billions. Just imagine – for this amount you can buy three New-Yorks or five Parises.
Let’s try to deal with misconceptions that are waiting for a trader at the beginning of his career. There are seven myths for beginners in foreign exchange market: one for each day of the week.
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How to Install MetaTrader 4 on Different Devices: System Requirements

The MetaTrader 4 platform from Metaquotes is a leader among forex trading platforms. It has many features and tools, but it is easy to use. Moreover, the program is constantly updated and improved. If you want to trade with it, install MetaTrader 4 on your computer, laptop or “assistant” devices: smartphone, tablet.
And before that, let’s see what the system requirements your devices have to meet in order to install the MT4 platform smoothly.
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How to Trade on Forex – 5 Steps for Beginners

Despite all the concerns the number of those who want to be a trader increases. The possibility of making easy money attracts many people. But it is not so simple as it may seem. How to trade on Forex? Where to become a trader? How much money would it take? Let’s consider how to start Forex trading – five basic steps that will turn newbie into a trader.
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