Economic Calendar

Successful trading depends not only on the quality of technical analysis. It is also important to analyze the political and economic news that have an impact on the Forex market. What is the economic calendar, what news is really important and does the Forex market affect?
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MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform (MT4)

A chef cooks dishes in the kitchen of the restaurant, a pilot flies the aircraft from the cockpit, an accountant keeps tabs in a stuffy office, a singer performs on a stage. And what is a workplace of a trader?
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Top-10 Questions to Our Support Team

Every day our support managers receive hundreds of questions from existing and potential clients. We decide to collect the most frequently asked questions and give the detailed answers in this article.
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best tweets on Trump's win

The Best Tweets on Donald Trump’s Win

The elections in the US made mad not only people but currencies too! Everybody is really shoked… See the most popular tweets about the most inexplicable win and feel the sarcasm of the whole world.
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