10+ Ways of Making Money Online for Newbies and Pros

In recent years, our lives are moving to the Internet. Libraries were replaced by cloud storages, traditional universities are gradually replaced by online courses, and the boom of social networks has created a fundamentally new model of communication. If we can obtain a degree online, why not count on earning real money on the Internet? Now it is your choice: what will be your occupation and when you will go on vacation; now you can travel and choose your clients by yourself. All you need for work – your own brain and Internet access. Low wages, sitting in the office all day long, tight schedule – it’s all past now. Almost everyone becomes fascinated by these prospects. Thus, how to make money online?

How to Make Money Online

Work on the Internet

The Internet easily eliminated restrictions that existed before: it is not mandatory to have three PhD degrees or millions of dollars on your bank account to build a stellar career now. From year to year technologies continue to evolve: over the last decade the bunches of new professions were introduced. Seize the opportunity: you can choose from hundreds of brand new professions.

Let us consider the types of employment which do not require some special qualification and can be performed by anyone.

Online polls

It is not difficult to fill in a questionnaire that includes, for example, 10 questions. There is a list of websites where you can start: OnePoll, Opinion Outpost, PSOS, The Opinion Panel, Toluna.

CAPTCHA entry job

A CAPTCHA is a program that prevents misuse of online services. Humans can pass the test whereas computers cannot. It is used to protect websites, for example, against email worms and spam. There are different types of CAPTCHA: text CAPTCHAs, or image or audio CAPTCHAs. In order to enter a CAPTCHA, one needs to decode images of distorted text, listen to scrambled audio files, pick the right picture or even solve the equation.


Disadvantage: you have to spend a lot of time before you earn the tidy sum of money. Start here: microworkers.com.

Selling things online

Movie tickets, air tickets, smartphones, tablets and accessories – all these things people prefer to buy on the Internet today. You can sell anything and anywhere. Start at online auction, such as eBay, with creating of your profile.

To trade with profit, you need to provide feedback to your customers in a polite manner. This parameter greatly influences your rating and represents you as a reliable seller. Besides, if you have positive feedback from your customers, it will bring you a number of new clients.

You should not set a maximum price at the beginning of your career: choose a minimum which will be beneficial for a buyer. Your items should look attractive and convincing. Take photos of it, using modern photography equipment, describe items’ features and benefits of buying it.

Selling Things Online

Go further and open a personal shop. No matter what you’re selling: T-shirts, tableware, sports equipment – it is important that your items were differed among items of other sellers. It is possible to begin on threadless.com.

How to make money online on financial markets

The following types of employment will be good for those who are interested in economics and finance. You may try following variants:

Binary options

Binary option is a good opportunity to trade on currency fluctuations on the international markets.

Binary options use indices (the American Dow Jones or Japanese Nikkei), currency pairs and commodities (oil, gold, coffee) as an asset. A binary option and an option is not the same thing: binary option is considered as an exotic subtype of a usual option.

The name “binary” defines the main principle of trading. The investor chooses from two options: the price will grow (Call button) or it will fall (Put button).

Binary options

An expiry date and the percent of payment are the basic concepts of binary options trading.

The percent of payment is a part of the value of the asset; it is established by a broker (40%, 50%, 70% are possible). If a trader made a right choice and the asset price moves in the desirable direction to an expiry date, a trader obtains his profit (the percent of payment), no matter how much the price has changed. If an investor made the wrong choice, money is charged off of his personal account. Transactions are usually short-term and measured in minutes.

The advantage of binary options is that you don’t need to study basics of economic analysis, keep an eye out for events in the financial market and interpret different indicators. The right choice is the main condition if you are trading in binary options. In order to start trading, place a deposit, choose an asset and a sum of a binary option. The fact of that it is “all or nothing” makes trading in binary options tempting and risky at the same time.


Betting can be various: sports betting when a client places a wager on the outcome is popular, but we will consider a financial betting.

So, you place a bet that the price of Microsoft stock will grow. Leverage is an obligatory element of financial betting. In our case, leverage is the ratio of the client’s capital to the value of the an asset (if the capital is $200 and an asset worth $1000, the leverage will be 1:5).

Leverage allows a trader to work on financial markets, without being an actual owner of the traded asset. The size of the capital which is invested in betting can be difficult to predict: it equally can be 5 dollars or 2 million euros.

Betting can be risky as well as binary options, but it works better within other time frames, for instance, week or month. While betting, an investor works with the sums that largely exceeding his personal capital, so risk is great.

Betting is not suitable for any investor. The financial betting is strictly regulated by supervisory authorities of the particular state (such as FCA in the UK).


Forex (foreign exchange) is the international currency market, where currencies of different countries are exchanged. Those who trade on the Forex market benefit from the difference in currencies’ prices. The principles of trade are quite simple: you need to sell at a higher price, buy at a lower price and gain profit from this difference.

In order to start you need to select a broker who will help you to trade on the interbank market. You should completely trust your broker – it is a necessary condition for trading on the Forex. Without adequate broker or dealing center your trading skills worth nothing. Trustworthy broker should execute orders prompt and help a trader, and do not act against him.

The next step is opening a demo account. It is a trading simulator which helps to trade on the currency market. Firstly, download a trading platform. There are many kinds of platforms – select the one that suits you best. One of the most popular is MetaTrader 4 platform, created by MetaQuotes Software Corp. Install a trading platform, choose the amount of initial capital, desired leverage and start trading. Nothing equals with positive impact of practice.

How to Make Money Online Forex Trading

Forex trading requires ongoing market research and serious preparation. Thousands of online courses are eager to teach you how to trade on Forex. Hundreds of traders offer you to discover the secret: “How to make money on Forex”. Every other dealing center has its own unique tutorial “Learning Forex trading from scratch”. Do not settle for the first available option, consider all the available offers and then decide.

Some naive people expect huge earnings in the first month of work. With certainty, you are able to gain millions: but only if your deposit was also six-figure sum.

Freelancer means:

It’s a man who is self-employed. He is not tied to a specific place or a company.

The word “freelancer” consists of two parts: “free” and “lancer”. It was Sir Walter Scott who used it first in his novel “Ivanhoe” to describe mercenaries, who did not serve a particular overlord, but offered their services to different lords.

There are many details: a freelancer either can work for different clients or he can have regular clients. A part-time employment or full employment are both possible.

You can pick any schedule you’d like: for instance, freelancers often work at night because of timezone differences.

How a freelancer can get paid:

  • A freelancer sets his hourly rate. A client is sure that a freelancer has required skills and actually pays him for his time.
  • A payment is released upon completion of a task or a project.
  • A standard wage when a freelancer receives his money at the end of the month.

How a freelancer can get paid

Interesting fact: in the US annual freelance earnings amounted to $715 billion. It means that freelancers earn more than the combined value of Amazon, McDonald’s, Starbucks and even Facebook.

A freelancer may have any specialization, but the most popular are jobs that do not require physical presence of an employee and can be done remotely.

Most in-demand positions:

  • writing (it could be any type of writing);
  • translating;
  • internet marketing;
  • customer service;
  • graphic design;
  • programming.

40% of the US freelancers claim that their work is related with writing, including content writing, copywriting, editing. This is the highest percentage among people who are involved in freelancing.

The field of activity is wide: it is possible to become a blogger or a copywriter; one may try to write web content or technical documentation.

Thousands of websites, companies and media outlets are constantly looking for writers. An incredibly wide variety of topics are available. You can choose topics and the level of commitment that suit you.

Let’s consider several jobs that are associated with writing.


Do you have something interesting to share with the world? Are your services so good that you simply cannot keep quiet about it? Start a blog. You can set it up with WordPress or Joomla!

Many people choose blogging not only as a source of income, but also as the opportunity to tell the world about yourself. A blogger’s earnings are directly dependent on the amount of time he spends on his blog. Some bloggers prefer part-time job and spend on their blog, for instance, 2 hours a day, while other make blogging their full-time employment.

You can earn money on your blog by showing ads. You need to apply to some program, be approved, place ads on your blog and get your profit. It is possible to work with Google AdWords.

Another option is affiliate programs. Experienced bloggers assure that affiliate programs are even more profitable, than the work with Google AdSense.


The job of a freelance writer is similar to the blogger’s job, but there are some essential differences. The main difference between a writer and a blogger: a writer works with specific or narrowly professional subjects. There is a demand for technical writers, who specialize on such specific subjects as biotechnologies, physics, chemistry and other things. Usually a writer has more experience than an average blogger. A writer creates orders according to client’s needs. In the best-case scenario, a writer should be a fan of the topic, he must understand it and share his enthusiasm with a reader.

How to Make Money Online Writer

You have to choose the field and apply all your knowledge. It would be perfect if your hobby becomes your profession. Here’s a tip for you: the rarer your occupation, the less competition you will face. You can write essays, research papers, reviews and much more.

Web editor

In the modern-day world users become more demanding of things they see on the Internet. A website should be convenient and informative, its content – interesting and up to date – everything is created to make users stay on it as long as possible. In such conditions, a couple of mistakes on the website might nullify a positive image of the whole company.

A taste for art helps you to choose content for your audience and make it readable. This profession demands developed communicative skills, attention to details, determination, ability to work under pressure and within the deadlines. Excellent possession of grammar, punctuation and spelling is mandatory. Your future client will define your duties, but the advanced level of English will be useful as well as the basics of website promotion.

This profession will be an excellent choice for the former journalists. Knowledge of HTML and CSS will be an advantage over the other competitors.

The best websites for freelancers


Upwork. This company appeared as a result of merger of two platforms: Elance and oDesk. There are nine million of registered freelancers and four million of registered clients. Clients post three million jobs annually worth $1 billion. It makes Upwork the largest freelancer marketplace.

In the process of registration you choose from two options: you can create a profile either as a client to employ freelancers or as a freelancer to find a job. You can install a free app called Upwork Messenger. There are variants for both iOS and Android.

Disadvantage: this platform is often accused of dumping – an order usually gets a freelancer who lowers his prices.


Toptal. The advantage of this platform is the effective approval process for freelancer, containing four steps. The first one is language and communication interview. To become approved, you need to have an advanced level of English. The second step includes the evaluation of candidate’s competence and his creativity through tests or portfolio reviews. The third step is a Skype interview. Each applicant is screened by two senior engineers or designers. The fourth step is a test project. It provides real-world scenarios for applicants to prove their professionalism, punctuality and integrity.

Disadvantage: Toptal is mostly for IT specialists.


Guru.com The platform is also designed for IT-specialists. There is a very useful search by category, size of budget and location of a freelancer. It is easy to find a serious client with interesting orders. Moreover, unscrupulous clients like students, who send their homework as a test project to a freelancer, are almost absent.

Disadvantages: there were many complaints about the process of withdrawing funds. Additionally, the number of available orders is insufficient.

Remote job

You may consider other variants on how to make money online which do not include writing:


You can teach anything: playing guitar, basics of engineering economy or Mandarin Chinese. The great advantage of online lessons is that students and teachers can choose a time that will be perfect for both.

It is crucial to show that you’re capable of offering the best services. If your students wanted to gain a book-learning experience, they’d rather look it up on the Internet.
Foreign languages teaching is quite popular today. Improve your style, don’t forget about promotion: tell as many people as possible about your services.

How to make money online tutor

Make a couple of video lessons for your future students so they could check your skills and see your style of work. You need Skype for communication with students and Google Docs for sharing documents and materials.

Support agent

In the past only large corporations with thousands of clients could afford the services of support agents. It’s all changed with the development of the Internet.
Now nearly each firm which creates products or offers some services, has its own support team. It is even possible to work as a support agent from your home. Your job will include processing incoming calls from the clients and sometimes making calls.

How to Make Money Online Support Agent

At a website, the job of support agent might include Live chat support. A support agent speaks with the client through a chat window. An agent also provides an email services: a client fills out the form at the website or send a letter to a particular address. If you can find the necessary information very quickly and communicate with people prompt and politely – you may try this job.


Successful promotion is impossible without advertising: it can be contextual advertising, banner ads, teaser ads and other kinds of it. You need to represent company’s products, draw up a budget, know a market situation and collect information on strategy of your competitors.

If you worked in advertising or marketing earlier, nothing prevents you to become an advertising manager.

How to Make Money Online Adman

The advertiser places announcements on marketplaces, news websites and social networks. The format of advertising is defined by the campaign purpose: it can be an advertising slogan or a viral video, a witty review or a funny picture. To become the advertiser, you need to be acquainted with information technologies, constantly develop your creativity and follow the Internet trends.

Buying of a domain name

While surfing the Internet, you certainly found the websites which looked abandoned, non-functioning and have not been updated for a long time. Surprisingly, but even those websites are an income source. You can buy one of them, make a redesign and sell for the price higher than you bought it. Pay attention to details: the less letters domain name includes, the more expensive this name will be.

How to Make Money Online Buying of a domain name

Some people purchase domain names in the hope that there will be buyers in the future. It is necessary to pay for hosting for months in advance – no one wants to buy a name that soon will be available anyway. Buyers value the domain age and the name itself – catchy and common words are the priority.


Youtube is the video hosting website, and, what is more important, the third most popular website on the Internet. Make a video, edit it, if necessary, and download on the website.

Sign the partner contract with a hosting website. The website will place advertising in your video, and you will make a profit. Each view increases your profit to some extent.
Make an interesting and charismatic videos, so your audience come back to you again and again. The most popular kinds of video are tutorials, reviews of computer games, gadgets, cosmetics and videos about traveling.

We must warn you: it does not guarantee the income which replaces a full-fledged salary. But your video might be a source of a passive income, it does not demand constant attention as, for instance, blogging. Start on Youtube or Vimeo.

When you decided to try remote job, do not forget to save some money. These savings will help you out in the first months. If you realize that freelance does not suit you – you can always look for positions with standard level of employment.

The listed ways of working is a small part of what you can do on the Internet. Even if tomorrow you won’t become Forex trader, or you won’t open an online sporting goods store, these ways can give you a hint. Follow the development of technologies: innovations like the 3D printer can open new possibilities for businessmen from all over the world. The world market is constantly developing: it is not difficult to find the niche in which you will take the first steps, find your place and gain the income.