How to Install MetaTrader 4 on Different Devices: System Requirements

  1. MT4 on Windows
  2. MT4 on Mac OS
  3. MT4 on Android
  4. MT4 on iOS
  5. What to do if you can’t install MetaTrader 4?

The MetaTrader 4 platform from Metaquotes is a leader among forex trading platforms. It has many features and tools, but it is easy to use. Moreover, the program is constantly updated and improved. If you want to trade with it, install MetaTrader 4 on your computer, laptop or “assistant” devices: smartphone, tablet.

And before that, let’s see what the system requirements your devices have to meet in order to install the MT4 platform smoothly.

MetaTrader 4 installation on PC and laptop

MT4 on Windows

MetaTrader 4 has been designed specifically for Windows. System requirements for installation are the following:

  • version of Windows XP and higher.
  • RAM: the MT4 terminal is not a data-hungry program and can handle simultaneously a lot of traders from the same computer.

Let’s see how much memory several terminals take. Let’s say you run three terminals, opened and closed several orders. In 30 minutes open the Windows Task Manager by clicking ctrl + shift + esc, and see how much memory the operation of the terminal takes:

task manager windows

Sum the memory values for the three terminals. The result is RAM needed for MT4 platform. As can be seen from the example, even a few terminals take up minimum memory.

How to Install MT4 on Computer?

MT4 and Windows 10

Previously, the problem of incompatibility of the MT4 platform and the tenth Windows version was brought up at many forums. The developers corrected the problem and beginning from the 840 build you can install MetaTrader 4 and use it easily.

Is it possible to install MetaTrader 4 on the Linux?

Metaquotes did not create a version of the platform specifically for Linux and Mac OS. To install MetaTrader 4 on the Linux you need to have a version of the Ubuntu operating system and Wine, an installer of the Windows programs. This program is in the public domain and can be downloaded for free. The disadvantage is that Wine is an insufficiently stable product, and installed programs work with bugs sometimes.

wine for linux

A step by step guide for the MT4 installation on the Linux Ubuntu OS can be found on the developers website.

MT4 on Mac OS

Mac OS requires the PlayOnMac, a special programs installer, as well. It can be downloaded for free on the same-name website. As in the case with Linux, it does not guarantee the perfect functioning of all metatrader functions.

play on mac to install MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS

How to install the MT4 platform on your MacBook, see the instructions of the developers.

MT4 installation on smartphones and tablets

MT4 on Android

To install MT4 on the gadget with Android OS, Android 4.0 version or a higher one is required. You can download platform from the PlayMarket. The MT4 Application for Android requires 4.2 MB of free space on your phone.

How to install metatrader 4 on playmarket

MetaTrader 4 Android Tutorial – How to Install the Trading Platform with a Few Clicks

MT4 on iOS

The MT4 platform can be downloaded on Apple devices with iOS 7.0 version or higher. The MT4 terminal is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The platform can be downloaded from the App Store. The MT4 application for iOS requires 12.5 MB of free space on your phone. Instructions will appear in next posts.


How to install Metatrader 4 for iOS?

Since the mobile iOS and Android platforms control the main part of the market (98,4% in the IV quarter 2015 according to researches of the Gartner company), Metaquotes has refused to develop MetaTrader for other mobile OS. Therefore owners of the phones with Windows or Blackberry OS won’t be able to work in the terminal from their devices.

What to do if you can’t install MetaTrader 4?

If for some reason you can not install MetaTrader, please use the web version of the platform. A web platform is a trading terminal that works in any browser on any operating system. I.e. you do not install anything, just open your browser, insert the required link and log in to your account. The web version of the MetaTrader 4 allows to do full operations on Forex. The web and the desktop one are fully synchronized, so that all transactions can be monitored in the browser and in the program.

web-platform Metatrader 4

Don’t forget that the most important thing during the work from any device is a stable connection to the Internet and to the network power supply! To avoid interruptions install the uninterruptible power supply unit for the personal computer, control a charge of a gadget and choose reliable Internet service provider. It will keep you nerves and bring pleasure while trading.