MetaTrader 4 Android Tutorial – How to Install the Trading Platform with a Few Clicks

MetaTrader 4 mobile apps are used for online trading via smartphones and tablets. You download them for free and install on the gadgets powered by Android and iOS. Installation is quick – a couple of seconds and the app is on your smartphone, login to the account takes about 1 min. 3 sec., we noted the time.

Today, we are going to install MT4 for Android. So, ready, steady…

First, check whether your smartphone meets system requirements. The gadget with Android OS, Android 4.0 version or higher is required.

  1. Open Google Play Store and type “MetaTrader 4” into the search field or follow a link on broker`s webpage.
  2. android mt4 play market

  3. Choose “MetaTrader 4” and click “Install”.
  4. mt4 for android new account

  5. Accept app permissions.
  6. mt4 for android accept app permissions

  7. Done! After the installation is complete, the “MetaTrader 4” icon will be added to your home screen.
  8. mt4 for android after install

How to start

Launch the installed app. After launching MT4 Android, you will be offered the following options:

  • start without registration;
  • open a personal demo account;
  • login to an existing account.

mt4 android new account

Start without registration

You can start trading without registration. What does it mean? The program creates you an anonymous demo account. It is tied to the device from which you log in. So, trading on this account via other devices is not possible.

how to open demo account on android mt4

Open a personal demo account

If you want to open your personal demo account and trade on it from any device, then:

  1. Click “Open a personal demo account”.
  2. Type the name of the broker in the search field and choose the appropriate trading server.
  3. android mt4 type the name of the broker in the search field

    android mt4 choose the appropriate trading server

    Note: only a demo account can be opened in the platform. To open a live trading account, go to the official broker`s website and sign in.

  4. Fill in the fields with personal data, indicate account information and click “Create account”.
  5. android mt4 indicate account information

Note: Be sure to save your password and account number.

Login to an existing account

If you already have a demo or live account:

  1. Choose “Login to an existing account”.
  2. Find a broker and select the necessary trading server – Live or Demo.
  3. android mt4 type the name of the broker in the search field

    android mt4 choose the appropriate trading server

    Note: If you downloaded the terminal from the official broker`s website, the name of your broker will display automatically.

  4. Enter the login and password and click “Sign in”.
  5. android mt4 log in to in account

    If you have entered the correct data, the “Quotes” window will be opened. At the bottom of the home screen you will find a toolbar.

    android mt4 quotes window

The toolbar includes 5 tabs:

Quotes. Click here to view real-time quotations.

Charts. Click here to view price chart.

Trade. Click here to view the current state of a trade account, open/modify/close order.

History. Click here to view the history of conducted trades.

News. Click here to view news.

How to open an order?

To open an order:

  1. Go to the “Quotes” window, then click on the currency pair, for example EURUSD.
  2. Choose “New order” in the context menu.
  3. mt4 openning new order

  4. After that, indicate the amount of the order, place Stop Loss and Take Profit, and select the type of operation (Buy or Sell) in the appeared form.
  5. mt4 indicate the order

  6. To open a pending order, click on “Instant Execution” and select an order from the drop-down list.
  7. instant execution on mt4 android

That is how easy and simple you can install MT4 Android on your smartphone and start mobile trading. Now you can trade from anywhere – on vacation, on the way, at work. All that you need is a device with an installed platform and internet access (either mobile internet GPRS/EDGE/3G or WiFi).