Energy Boosters for Traders. How Not to Oversleep the Trend

You are a trader. You trade on Forex to make extra income and spend a lot of time in the terminal. Not to miss a trend, you hypnotize charts and wait when the price goes in your favor. Sooner or later a feeling of fatigue appears.


Where to get the energy not to fall asleep at the monitor? You can boost your energy in simple ways. Let`s talk about them.



If a person needs to wake up, the first thing he does – drinks a cup of coffee. The coffee beans contain caffeine – a natural stimulant. It increases physical and mental activity, reduces drowsiness.

Why does caffeine keep you awake? There is a neurotransmitter adenosine in our body. It slows down the nerve impulses and stimulates sleep. When caffeine is ingested, it temporarily blocks adenosine receptors, wakening the body for some time.

Neurotransmitter is a chemical composition in the nerve cell that provides the transmission of nerve impulses between different cells in the body.

The percentage of caffeine content depends on coffee variety, coffee-brewing methods and serving size. Robusta beans have more caffeine than Arabica beans. Espresso made from natural coffee contains more caffeine than instant coffee in sticks.

Instant coffee is made from natural coffee beans, but on the way to the supermarkets it passed several processing steps. Taste and benefits are lost, and pleasant aroma is restored artificially.

It takes only 15-20 minutes to feel the effect of caffeine after you take a sip of coffee. The invigorating effect lasts from 3 to 6 hours.

To get the maximum benefit from the coffee and do not harm the body, drink no more than three coffee cups a day.

    Do you know that:

  • About 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily in the world.
  • Coffee is the best-selling product after oil.



Tea is another tonic drink. Tea stimulates the body and removes the feeling of fatigue. Tea leaves, as coffee beans, contain caffeine. But the impact of “tea caffeine” on the body is softer. The caffeine in tea is not in pure form, but in combination with tannin. This component slows down the effect of caffeine.

You may not cheer up as quickly as you do with coffee. However, tea will keep you awake longer.

Caffeine content in tea depends on:

  • tea quality – the higher the quality is, the more caffeine is in the tea. Tea caffeine is contained mostly in young tea leaves and buds.
  • degree of fermentation – the less tea leaves are processed, the more nutrients are retained in them. The highest amount of caffeine is in the green tea because these varieties undergo the minimum processing.
  • brewing time – the longer you brew the tea, the higher the caffeine content is in a cup.
  • water temperature – the hotter the water is, the more caffeine is released.

You can add slices of lemon, orange zest, mint, rose, ginger, cinnamon in tea. These spices and herbs will give the drink flavor and taste and strengthen an invigorating effect.

    Do you know that:

  • There are white, yellow, red and even blue tea. They differ in degree of fermentation. White and green tea retain maximum nutrients.



Chocolate helps to remove fatigue. It contains fat and sugar which are the main energy source in the body. Chocolate is made from cacao beans, in which caffeine and theobromine are found. These alkaloids fight against fatigue, sleepiness, and stimulate brain activity.

The higher the cocoa percentage is, the more beneficial chocolate is. The most nutritious is dark chocolate with cocoa content of 70% and above.

    Do you know that:

  • A piece of chocolate gives you energy to go 45 meters.

chewing gum

Chewing Gum

Scientists claim that chewing activates the brain, strengthens attention, alertness, increases reaction time. The chewing process accelerates the heart rate, and brain is better supplied with oxygen and glucose. There is also a theory that insulin is generated actively when chewing. It stimulates brain areas responsible for memory and attention.

Eat an apple or chew gum. Mint flavor of chewing gum awakes and refreshes you.

    Do you know that:

  • Chewing gum can be chewed for no longer than 10-15 minutes.
  • Just 3 minutes of chewing can reduce stress.

room temperature

Room Temperature

If you want to shake off drowsiness, ventilate the room. The body will tell you “It’s time to sleep” in too warm room. The insufficient amount of oxygen in a stuffy or heated room has an impact on our activity. Brain needs oxygen for normal activity, when it is not enough, the efficiency is decreased and we start to yawn. The body compensates the lack of oxygen with such a deep breath.

    Do you know that:

  • 21-24 °С is considered to be the optimum temperature in the room.

physical exercises

Physical Exercises

If you are sleepy, do simple exercises. And if you do not want to leave the workplace, you can warm up directly at the computer. Make circular movements of the head, move the legs, stretch. These exercises help to defuse tension and fatigue, improve blood circulation.

    Do you know that:

  • After 3 hours of continuous work in a sitting position vessels are narrowed in 2 times. As a result, the brain activity slows down, because the brain receives less blood and oxygen.



The best way to boost energy is to take a break. Of course, if it is possible. Go outside, take a walk in the fresh air. Walk relieves fatigue, clarifies the mind.

    Do you know that:

  • 10-minute walking gives burst of energy for 2 hours.
  • According to a Stanford researchers, walking can improve your creative abilities by an average of 60%.



Everyone knows that the human body consists 70% of water. Sleepiness, drowsiness are often the result of dehydration. Make sure that your body gets enough water.

A glass of warm water with lemon helps you to increase efficiency and invigorate the body.

If you are unable to focus on trading, wash and rinse your hands with cool water.

    Do you know that:

  • Experts recommend drinking 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day.

energy-boosting foods

Energy-boosting foods

There are a number of products that are able to increase productivity and “recharge” the body with energy and vitamins. These products are nuts, apples, blueberries, bananas, oranges. And it is not the full list.

Nuts contain protein, magnesium, fats. Banana is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, fiber, glucose, fructose and sucrose. Oranges are a source of vitamin C.

    Do you know that:

  • According to nutritionists, walnuts and almonds remove drowsiness. It is enough to eat a handful of nuts a day.
  • Citrus peel keeps the flavor for a long time. The aroma of citrus reduces sleepiness, increases efficiency, provides an exhilarating effect.
  • Many studies have shown that consumption of fatty acids omega-3 improves mental activity. Omega-3 is found in fish, walnuts, flax seeds, spinach.



Turn on the music that invigorates you. Experts say that music helps produce hormones of pleasure and good mood – dopamine, serotonin.

This method does not fit everybody. There are people who work only in silence, and any noise distracts them from work.

    Do you know that:

  • Psychologists advise listening to music without words while working. Musical compositions with lyrics can distract you, and instead of focusing on the work, you will think about the meaning of the songs.

Drowsiness is the trader’s enemy. If you feel tired and exhausted, take a break and relax. Tired trader has more chances to make mistakes. Trading with a clear head and new forces will be much more effective.