CPA: All You Need to Know About the Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are common in online business and marketing. With their help, the company attracts new customers and partners get profit. CPA (cost per acquisition) is one of the most popular and successful programs for both sides of the partnership. What is its sense?

What is CPA?

Affiliate program is a form of cooperation between the company/entrepreneur, a broker in our case, and a partner. It is based on mutually advantageous conditions. The purpose of the broker is to attract new active traders, to increase the volume of trading and profit. For this, he is looking for partners who will be engaged in attracting customers. Partners, in turn, are rewarded for each new customer.

The affiliate program terms are built so that partners bring only potentially active traders and broker converts them into customers with the help of favorable trading conditions.


If you decide to become someone else’s partner in CPA model, that means that the broker will pay you a one-time fee for an attracted client (trader). For example, you have a blog or a forum on financial topics. Here you have already gathered an audience of traders, they share their experience or looking for a good broker. In this case, you can monetize the thematic resource by becoming a member of the CPA affiliate program.

You learn trading broker conditions, get registered as his partner and recommend this company your audience in your forum. Someone of the traders gets registered in the company, deposits account and starts trading. All this is recorded in the Back Office of a partner on the broker’s website. The broker sees that you have fulfilled the conditions of the program and pays you a certain amount of money.

CPA features

While working with CPA, an affiliate is focused on short-term profit: he gets a reward for an attracted client. But it’s not enough just to attract a new customer. According to the CPA model partnership, a new client should not only get registered in the company but also to make a purchase or deposit an account, as in the case of the forex industry. Only then you, as an affiliate, get your reward.


What does define a good CPA affiliate program?

The large company can afford to spend much more funds for distribution of advertising and customer acquisition, than the company which only begins its activities. Many developing companies increase expenses on partner programs over time, as a result, you can get even more, than initially.

There are specialized forums, where partners share their experience in a particular company, they tell how much they were paid and whether it was all fair. But it is better to make sure at first hand, how good this or that affiliate program is. Attract at least one client and observe how honest the company is.