The market is optimistic. Political decisions support the stock market. The dollar is decreasing

The incumbent president Donald Trump dropped his criticism concerning the pandemic aid bill and signed it in its original form. The market instantly cheered up. The S&P 500 futures returned to their annual maximum in the Asian session.

The signing of the law prevents further delay in stimulating the economy and heightens optimism. The US Treasury bond yields continued to rise. The Treasuries hit 0.950%.

Another positive news is the anticipation of the signing of a deal between the EU and the UK. The foreign exchange and credit markets don’t reach that much so far. It seems that investors have fully taken into account these factors and the news has already been evaluated by the foreign exchange and credit market in advance. Now economists will focus on the details of this deal, where not everything is so positive for the British economy. Apparently, only Boris Johnson made concessions in the field of fisheries, without receiving reciprocal concessions from the EU.

Difficulties in the industrial sphere of Britain can arise immediately on the first day of the official withdrawal from the European Union. A vast amount of new regulations can discourage the crossing of goods abroad. The creation of additional regulatory bodies will increase costs.

Major stock indices are trading with increase:

S&P 500 (F) 3,716.62 +21.62 +0.59%

Dow Jones 30,199.87 +70.04 +0.23%

DAX 13,779.80 +192.57 +1.42%

FTSE 100 6,502.11 +6.36 +0.10%

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by Justforex, 2020.12.28

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